Virtual Makeover and a GiveAway! *updated with a new style!

Jul 20, 2007

#Weght Loss and Body Image

About once a year I get all “PPfffttt I hate my hair. I hate my body. I have nothing to wear and that bitch over there looks great in her A-line layered cut and I look like a mom!” Ok, maybe more than once a year. But I usually only post about it once a year.

This year is a little different. I’ve taken action! I’ve taken photos! I’ve uploaded photos to websites and tried hair on like a teenager with too much time on her hands! (How this is possible, don’t ask, because LB will tell you something about Sesame Street on a loop or some such nonsense, silly girl.)



And here I am as Jennifer Anniston. The resemblance is uncanny!


So, here’s how things are going down as far as I know:

  1. I have a few pictures here, numbered, for you to tell me what you like.
  2. Then, if you have a better idea or want to play along, you simply take this photo and upload it to a virtual makeover site
  3. Submit the new hair to me
  4. I’ll post it here
  5. And we’ll all vote on the best one.
  6. Whoever gets the most votes wins a fifteen dollar iTunes gift certificate.

That’s as good as MONEY. Hellzya!


If you decide to post it on your own site, let me know so I can link to you here. And if you decide to tell other people about it, lemme know so I can link to you and then brag to my husband that the Internet really is a nice place to hang out.

Because right now? I am fully aware I need a makeover. Because while IzzyMom thinks I’m hot (thank you, Izzymom!) I’m runnin’ the head of the awards with my one vote. ONE.


And, well, even LB thinks I need a makeover and coming from someone who wears yogurt in her hair, it seems like a bad sign.


Or! I can be Ellen Belkin, just a lot younger. Ok, a little younger. But less wrinkly thanks to my current sunless state.

(Please note I will not be a soccer mom because of this cut, oh, no, I’m already a soccer mom. I’ll be all actress like! Even if I am 100 years old)



I look JUST like her younger sister, don’t I?


(Post will remain as sticky until voting is over. Voting ends July 25th.)


  1. Cool! I like 1 and 5. You actually look good in most of them. See, I can’t do that kind of thing b/c there’s so many things that my hair just won’t do. So, I’ve pretty much had the same hair since 1984.

    By Renee on 2007 07 20

  2. I like 3 and 5 the best.  Short hair is cool (although I’ve been growing mine out….) but does require frequent maintenance and upkeep.  Must be ready for that.  Otherwise, the cut looks great on you!

    By mp on 2007 07 20

  3. Les, you crack me up!  #4 definitely.  Or #6.  I want to see how the hairstylist can pull off making your hair longer than it actually is.  wink  In all seriously, I like #1, although it’s not much different than your normal cut.

    By Paige on 2007 07 20

  4. Number 2!!!!  Definitely #2!  Stylish, hip, easy to fix with a newborn…

    Damn, girl, you are HOT.  I’m off to vote for you now!

    By Jennifer on 2007 07 20

  5. One and five you hot mama you!

    By Jamie on 2007 07 20

  6. One and five both look great on you. Four is hilarious, I dare you to try it : )

    I might have to try this too. I have an appointment next week and need a major change. I’ve used the whole ‘must fit into ponytail, I have a newborn’ excuse for way too long!

    By andrea on 2007 07 20

  7. I’m partial to 3. I’m all about anything that looks and feels cool right now. However, I know it’s hotter where I am than it is where you are.

    And for the record, I only have 1 “hot” vote as well. It is, in fact, from you. Since I think you’re hotter than I am, I better go vote for you. Seems I’ve had trouble figuring out how to get registered to vote, so I’ve given up three times so far. Not. Enough. Patience.

    And lack of patience is precisely why I am headed out for my own haircut this afternoon. I cut it all off a few months ago. It has been great. Closest to wash and wear I’ve ever had. LOVE IT!

    By MGM on 2007 07 20

  8. I like 3, which is, coincidentally, a lot like MY hair!!

    4 is a RIOT!!!

    By Marie on 2007 07 20

  9. One or five for sure!  I got back and forth about wanting to grow my hair out again and wanting to cut it all off again- decisions decisions.  Jay said he doesnt like it too short, but when we met I had short hair- he must have liked something about it wink

    By Sara on 2007 07 20

  10. I like 5 the best and 2 second best.  And I’m sorry, but that Anniston hair is too funny.

    By Jen on 2007 07 20

  11. I’m diggin numbers 3 and 5, for what it’s worth.  Now off to upload my photo to that website.

    By NG on 2007 07 20

  12. #1 makes you look young and hip!  Seriously!

    By Kristy on 2007 07 20

  13. I vote for number 1 -Looks pretty good.

    By sarahgrace on 2007 07 20

  14. I like 1 and 5 respectively but pleeeesae don’t get 2 or 4. NOT GOOD!

    By Izzy on 2007 07 20

  15. One. Definitely. One!!

    By Margaret on 2007 07 20

  16. ONE!  It’s definitely my favorite!  Looks easy to maintain and isn’t far from what you have, but different enough to feel like you’ve gotten the update you want.

    By Michelle on 2007 07 20

  17. 4 Les, all the way!!! 

    I like one and five the most, but I don’t know if you would have the patience to wait for your hair to grow out for #5.  (a year+) 

    Now I have to try this site…too funny!

    By Traci on 2007 07 20

  18. If you hate hair on your face (as I do) then No 3, if you dont mind then No 5.

    By Chris H on 2007 07 20

  19. I vote for #1.  Not only is it adorable, it looks fairly easy to style with two kids underfoot. smile

    By Friglet on 2007 07 20

  20. So far #1 is in the lead. It’s funny, though, because I randomly picked those styles. Except #4, of course, which I was secretly hoping to adopt. (I’d have to go to the haristylist totally drunk to pull that off, by the way.)

    By Mrs. Flinger on 2007 07 20