Was there a game on or something?

Feb 04, 2008

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Apparently Super Bowl Sunday is a national holiday. Were you aware? I knew when I took my daughter to Safeway to purchase pizza, wine and potato salad (what everyone eats on an average Sunday) there were, approximately, four small nations of people in the checkout line all buying pizza, beer and potato salad.

That was my first clue.

Then I noticed our neighbors either decided to start selling used cars to suplement our outrageous mortgaged 1200 SF townhomes or else those very same people who were just in line at Safeway were now swarming around our complex like angry bees on crack.

After shoving my children in the gas-inefficient SUV we own outright (and thus can not purchase a hybrid or other similarly trendy green vehicle), we trooped over to our good friends house where I unloaded the baby to the men’s room and the three year old on her friends. I joined the women in the kitchen and helped with preparations.

We have not evolved far, my friends.

The rest of the evening there was vague discussion of men wearing helmets and slamming in to one another. The men sat in the room with the GIGANTIC TV while the women discussed deep and meaningful things like Brad and Angie’s new baby (!), Hawaii trips for cheap (!) and low rise jeans. The men stared at the GIGANTIC TV and tried very hard to tune out the “Cackle Cackle Laugh Laugh BLAHBLAHBLAHH” from the kitchen and “YELLYELLYELL” from the kid’s playroom.

It was the best superbowl sunday yet.

What did you do yesterday? Did you exchange smutty magazines and drink pink slushy drinks with unknown content, too? Or was that just us?

mmmMMMMMm I love me some Smutty Mags.

Thanks to Twitter, I know who won. Some Giant person… or something.


  1. We laid around recovering from the stomach flu and eating bananas and toast.  It was good times.

    By Jen on 2008 02 04

  2. We did too much crap for a Sunday - I blogged it.  Meh.  Stupid football.  But yay for chili?!

    By Karen Sugarpants on 2008 02 04

  3. I spent hours cursing my lame Photoshop skills and crying on the phone to a friend begging them to help me execute a spiral for a stupid blog button.

    Lame. I know.

    By loralee on 2008 02 04

  4. I watched it alone since my husband got to go to an actual party.  Sort of like spending Christmas alone.  Ahh, don’t cry for me, I ate my weight in pizza and taco dip trying to soothe the pain.

    By Jennifer on 2008 02 04

  5. We went to a huge church party with jump houses, food and games.  I think they had some football game playing too.

    By Amy on 2008 02 04

  6. We were lazy this year and skipped having a party or going to a party. I made Chinese food and we sat in front of the television eating and drinking beer. Sadly, my husband sat with his laptop and I sat with mine smile We are workaholics wink

    By Amy on 2008 02 04

  7. I love me some smutty mags, too. Honestly, if I could just hang out by a pool, browse smutty mags, and have a cabana boy bringing me drinks AND rubbing sunscreen on my back?


    Wait, were we talking about football?

    We watched it from home but we were just homebodies. We locked the girls in Miss C’s bedroom so they would watch a Disney flick! wink

    By Jamie on 2008 02 04

  8. I took a nice long nap, cruised the grocery store in peace than sat down and watched some commercials!

    By Mackenzie's Momma on 2008 02 04

  9. This is a two part comment:
    1. I love trashy mags. If I weren’t too embarassed, I might even subscribe to one.
    2. re: low rise jeans…this is just a cool site I found: http://www.makeyourownjeans.com. I found this in Craft magazine…haven’t tried it yet, but fully intend to.

    By Ali on 2008 02 04

  10. This is a two part comment:
    1. I love trashy mags. If I weren’t too embarrassed, I might even subscribe to one.
    2. re: low rise jeans…this is just a cool site I found: http://www.makeyourownjeans.com. I found this in Craft magazine…haven’t tried it yet, but fully intend to.

    By Ali on 2008 02 04

  11. Hmmm…mine sounds similar to yours except the women were in the same room with the men and the gigantic tv screen talking gossip OVER the men’s shouts.

    My husband was the only Giants fan in the room…

    By LifeAsIKnowIt on 2008 02 04

  12. It was the best Superbowl Sunday ever (last year was the second best). I have to admit that I actually LIKE football now. Jack loves it so much I made up my mind that to enjoy LIFE I would have to learn to tollerate football. Gotta say I am darn happy the Giants won (MY team—my cousin played most of his career with them, although now he is with the Bills) and that the Patriots lost. Plus…Jack has his whole fantasy football thing, and this year they invited friends and family to participate in some play off contest. Hehe. I WON. Oh yeah. And my method for chosing players? For example: one guy had a last name of Jones-Drew…so I picked him (he rocked). Hehe. Forget records and stats.
    yeah. I can’t believe that I am actually admitting to ENJOYING the Superbowl, particularly in a crowd where it seems to be a minority opinion. Guess I have reached a point in my life I really don’t care what other people think (for the most part!).

    By hilary on 2008 02 04

  13. Yawn.  That is about what it was at my house last night. Glad that someone partied.

    By HRH on 2008 02 04

  14. I did get some girl talk in but we have a very open floor plan so there really wasn’t any escaping to the kitchen. And I drank beer, nothing slushy here. Of course that was only because I didn’t want to mix the cold medicine with tequila or there would have been much slushiness here. I did all the cooking except the meat so it was a lot of work. Next year I want to do the Super Bowl at someone else’s house so I can actually enjoy it.

    By Someone Being Me on 2008 02 04

  15. Yes, Leslie…thanks for trading me one smutty mag for another.  It isn’t so bad spending $3.99 when you actually get to look at like 4 of them (even if Laura’s was from BEFORE Christmas- ahem).

    It was a good time and the men didn’t seem to mind our cackling.  Even when we were laughing about their ex girlfriends and how prude they were compared to past experiences with boyfriends we had dated.  Oh, right, that was just Laura.

    Same place next year???

    By Michelle on 2008 02 04

  16. Wait, the Super Bowl was on? Branjolina had another baby? They make big screen TVs now? Man, if it weren’t for Mrs. Flinger, I wouldn’t know what was going on around here.

    By TheMacMommy on 2008 02 05

  17. lol…we haven’t evolved much but you have to admit that the game was exciting, if you watched it…they have so many babies, but if your rich I guess its not a big deal. I’m more of a gamer nerd myself but I like the occasional grunting and gossip like the next person wink

    By Adam on 2008 02 13