We’re all going through a lent of some kind of Lent

Jul 28, 2005

#The Flinger Family

Here I was thinking I had nothing really to post about. Sitting here, watching my totally effed up site, moving Oma’s Place to her new location (update your links, BTW) and getting ready to move theflingers (no need to update links.. it’ll be the same) and as I was IMing Traci she pointed something out….

LB hasn’t been swaddled in three days y’all. THREE DAYS. That’s the longest we’ve gone without having to wrap our baby burrito in her life. She cries a bit, plays a little, and then lays down like a big girl and sleep. Without a binki. Without a swaddle. By. Her. Self.

This is perfect timing as I was just starting to write a letter to LB’s future husband about how to swaddle LB on their honeymoon.

But really, we’ve all given up something this week. Swaddle, Caffeine, Pop. And it’s not even Lent.


  1. Sorry your site is still F’ed up. I totally drank 3 beers for you in the mid afternoon. I was hoping the beer God’s would help you. But instead they helped me.
    I laughed so hard about Gav swaddling LB on their Honeymoon LOL. Oh god that was good. I can’t beileve you have ben swaddling her this long. Gavin stopped being swaddled when he was like a month old. Does she still let you rock her to sleep? Gavin is already a punk and won’t let me rock him.
    Well I hope for futrue success of the non swaddling of LB!

    By Rachael on 2005 07 28

  2. Sorry about theflingers site.  That sucks.  And yay for no more swaddling…and no binki!  What a big girl!  And keep up the good work, Mr. and Mrs. Flinger!

    By Paige (CoraBelle) on 2005 07 28

  3. LB, can you give lessons on giving up binkies?  I know a 15 month old who LOVES her nighttime binky…

    By Amy_M on 2005 07 28

  4. Way to go LB!  That is a great accomplishment!  smile

    By Holly on 2005 07 28

  5. OMG I love sleeping babys *love* SO cute!

    By Sarah on 2005 07 28

  6. YAY LB! So happy she’s sleeping for you!. This is wear it gets easier! The binki fairy still hasn’t come to our house yet.

    By kelli on 2005 07 29