We’re open again: New! Improved! More tired than ever!

Sep 20, 2008


The best part about blogging is how it brings together people you might not get to meet otherwise. It’s amazing how like-minded so many of us are, and yet, here we are all so very unique and offering new perspectives daily.

A while back I met a gal from Teh Internetz. She was someone that always made me laugh and we had a billion things in common. Like: WINE! TODDLERS! VERY ACTIVE AND INTELLEGENT OLDER DAUGHTERS! A LOVE FOR CAPS! AND EXCLAMATION POINTS!

I also found out she was a web programmer (for that pesky .NET language, though) and went to Western Washington as an undergraduate. She graduated in 1997. She was probably in one of my classes. She lived in Bellingham not far from where I did for five years.

So I went to meet her in person convinced I happen to be HER and I was writing myself, somehow, like Russle Crowe in A Beautiful Mind but without all the nazis.

She was real.

She bought me coffee.

My kids adored her.

So we kept in touch and read each other daily. We called. We hung out. We became great friends and one day we confessed to each other how crazy life is and how blogging just isn’t in the “Great List O’ Shit To Do Each Day” anymore. It fell right after bathing children and sweeping the floor, which were also rarely happening. Then a great idea was born and I asked her to move in with me.

She accepted.

I told my super close friends Michelle and Laura that I was having a roommate on my blog and asked if they’d join sometimes. They agreed. Then I told Oma to stop in and visit and help me tell stories of my childhood. She promised not to talk about how I was made or post about condoms. Too much.

So here we are: A community of real friends. The people I adore seeing in real life are now the ones you have the joy of reading here along with your regularly scheduled over use of caps and too much information about my sex life.


But really? We just want you to feel welcome in our pad. Come kick up your feet, grab a


bottle of wine and let it all hang out. I know you’re going to enjoy these ladies as much as I do. Consider yourself blessed. I know I do.


Please go read her first ever POSTED HERE LIVE entry she wrote yesterday. Her archives are here, too. Enjoy the goodness of Single Super Mama!

**For the record, it’s not EXACTLY finished. There is the link blog coming back, my stumbled upon faves, the awesomeness of teh community and the “people we read”. And some other things. I forget. But right now I have to go take a few drabs of whiskey to ease my throat and stop my brain from over-using if-statements and global variables.

Was that out loud? Am I still talking? Right. Must be the fever talking. Off to enjoy a “medicinal” shot. Of anything.


  1. Alas….Mrs.Flinger v2.o - hooray.  I feel very honored to be included in this venture along with you two very talented ladies.  Thank you for letting me pipe up every now and again to share stories from my life as I see it- I look forward to the future in the v2 world.

    By Michelle on 2008 09 20

  2. Love it! So glad to see it up and running again.

    By Chelsey on 2008 09 20

  3. I am so excited to be part of such an amazing group. Yeeeeeey!

    By syd on 2008 09 20

  4. This is awesome. I am glad you found a way to continue blogging- I would be lost without your insights.

    By Kristina Brooke on 2008 09 20

  5. YAY!  SO excited!

    By Karen Sugarpants on 2008 09 21

  6. Glad to see you up and at it again!  I look forward to your posts, to see what you guys are up to, and how the kids are kicking your butt this time.  Can’t wait to see what happens next.

    By Shannon on 2008 09 21

  7. Oh My! This place is FABULOUS! Great work!!


    By sam {temptingmama} on 2008 09 21

  8. Awesomeness at its greatest!! This is so cool. I like it…as if you couldn’t tell. Looking forward to many more fun posts.

    By Vicki on 2008 09 22

  9. Yee haw! Love the idea!

    By Colleen - Mommy Always Wins on 2008 09 23

  10. Looks awesome.  Welcome back.  I missed you.

    By MariaV on 2008 09 24

  11. Welcome back hon!  This is gonna ROCK and I can’t wait to join in and put my feet up.  smile

    By Katie Kat on 2008 09 24

  12. It’s so AWESOME! What a great idea! And I love the twitter bubbles. You guys rock!

    By jen @ blissfully caffeinated on 2008 09 24

  13. oh i luff you. i need licked.

    By Dawn on 2008 09 24