What’s in a name?

Mar 20, 2007


A long long time ago, I got knocked up. We saw our first little pebble of a person, a Lima Bean, if you will, in March of ‘04. She was tiny, had no hands and a tail. She was known as LB and remained “Lima Bean” in my head for weeks, even beyond the time her tail developed in to legs and her movements caused actual feeling and she could bounce off the wall with force. She remained a Lima Bean because I couldn’t picture a baby growing in me. She was LB. She was tiny. It never changed.

This baby was dubbed “Coffee Bean” well before his conception. I made a decision we could name the next one “C.B.” and thought coffee bean was a cute transition in to keeping his initials. I actually put thought in to this months before he was here.  I was proud of my geeky self. My bad-ass-naming-my-fetus-cutesy-names self.

Now I’m wondering if I was drunk when I thought this up. (As a side note: Oohhh, Drunk…. remember drunk? Me either.)

I’ve mentioned how this baby is more of a person to me this time. He is more real. He is a baby. I talk to him and we call him “Pooper” just like we do LB. We call him by name and talk to LB about her baby brother. She lifts my shirt to say “HI! I love you!” and we let her know he’s part of the family. I don’t have the same pregnant anxiety ridden dreams I did last time. I do not see the baby coming out of my stomach in a clear glass bubble. I do not have a see-through uterus where she tries to tell me things. It’s strange and wonderful at the same time.

With LB we didn’t have her name picked out until week 37. For some reason this gave me a ton of anxiety. This time, however, we have a name. He is a little baseball hat wearing boy. He’s a little spunk. He’s a little us. This time, he’s someone we want to know and already feel like we do. I’m not sure if this is common for second children, but it seems to be working that way for us. I’m curious if you named your fetus. Did you call him/her by that name until birth? Did you tell people the name once you knew? It seems inevitable for us to share his name. He is already him.

I may not be playing baby Einstein for my belly at night like I did with LB. Mr. Flinger may not be reading to my belly every evening like he did with LB. I may not be rubbing my belly every three hours, jiggling it to make sure he moves like I did with LB. But we feel like we know him. We call him by name.


  1. We talked a lot about names and had boy and girl names picked out very early on. All we had to do was wait for the sonogram tech to say if it was a he or she, and then we would refer to the baby by name for the rest of the pregnancy. I felt bad with the third, however,because we called the baby Bryce the whole time. We were told we were having another boy, so it took us by surprise when “he” turned out to be a “she.” I guess I should have listened to my mother’s intuition! Funny that Jacob always referred to the baby as Bridget, even when I kept insisting it was Bryce . . .

    By Melissa R. Garrett on 2007 03 20

  2. We didn’t have cute nicknames for our unborn children.  They were always the baby or baby boy or baby girl. 

    Even after we picked their names we didn’t call them by that comfortably until after they were born.  The names just didn’t fit until we saw them and held them the first time—and that’s also when their nicknames came to us as well.

    By sleeping mommy on 2007 03 20

  3. We hardly ever actually called Benjamin by his name until after he was born. It felt WEIRD for some reason… this time, it still feels a little weird, but I also don’t want to get used to calling Too by its real name because I don’t want to accidentally slip and give away the name or the sex! Now I have a feeling Too will be “Too” in addition to his/her real name even after he/she is born. wink

    By Erin on 2007 03 20

  4. We did not name “Red” till she was out and we could take a clear look at her. I am glad I did that, as I was leaning towards a name that would not have done the wee little punk rocker justice. As for #2 we will cross that bridge when we come to it. For now I am just happy to watch those brave enough to have a second babe.  I will be the one over here taking notes while you all do the dirty work. wink

    By Emily on 2007 03 20

  5. We started calling Ethan by name as soon as we found out we were having a boy.  It made us feel even closer to him!  He was always our Ethan.  We didn’t have any real nicknames for him until after he was born though.

    By Heather on 2007 03 20

  6. Long long ago, before even Wynter was a twinkle in her father’s eyes, I had already picked out my boy’s first names.  (I name the boys, he names the girls, with the consent of the other person of course).  When we found out J was a boy, we talked on the way home from the ultrasound about which name would be good for the 1st boy.  We finally decided on Julian Xaviar, since it fits with my husband’s French last name.  When we told the family, my MIL was the first to react with “What a girlie name.  Your boy’s going to GAY!”  Yeah…thanks, Grandma!  *rolls eyes*  Nothing will ever top that one….  But still, that was his name and we called him that from the moment we saw the little “stem on the apple”.  wink


    By Anne on 2007 03 20

  7. It happened the same way with us.  With our first baby, I think it was that we couldn’t imagine him as a baby, and so we did all the other things:  using a “fetus name,” singing and reading to the tum, etc.  We had a name picked out early on, but we never used it while I was pregnant.  With our second baby, I had a strong visual of what he’d be like, and we called him his real name as soon as we knew he was a boy.

    By Swistle on 2007 03 20

  8. First baby was “Pinto” or “Bean.”  We went to the hospital after my water broke with a list of girl names names (2 boy names to ward off the evil spirits ONLY) and when HE was born he was “Baby Boy Flower” for 36 hours or so.  Then we figured out which name seemed to fit him best, and that’s been him ever since.

    Second baby was “Speck.”  We went to the hospital knowing he was a boy due to our 1st trimester screening, and we took a list of a few boy names with us.  We wanted to meet him before we gave him a name.

    First baby was going to be Hana Ruth or Fiona Mary.  HA!  Second baby (for a trimester, anyway) was Mary Evelyn.  Fool me twice, shame on you, whoever you are!

    By ThatGreenyFlower on 2007 03 20

  9. I think I have a problem because I won’t “officially” settle on a name until after I have given birth.  This drives my parents mad!  I am 95% certain what we will name this baby, and I think I may go ahead and start using it just because I hate having no answer to those who ask what we’re naming the baby.  I guess the third time around you get pretty tired of it all, haha!  I’m just afraid someone who is due before me will “steal” it…of course I am also worried that someone who is due after me will claim it first and think I stole it from them!  Aaaarrrrggghhh!  I hate baby naming! wink

    By Charla on 2007 03 20

  10. so weird. just found your blog. we are on the exact same day of pregnancy. (twilight zone music) and we complain about similar things.

    no i’m not a stalker. ok just a little weird maybe.


    By k8 on 2007 03 21

  11. We got a lot of flack with BG’s name.  When we talked about our first name idea, people shot it down.  We agreed on her current name, and a lot of people didn’t like it.

    So with MG, we found out her gender because of an amnio, but never told anyone her name until she was born.  With LG we didn’t know gender, and no one knew any of our names until she was born, either.

    I think girl names are so much harder - I would have been fine telling anyone boy names, we just never had any!

    By rachel on 2007 03 21

  12. I’m obsessed with names, love them! I have a handful of names picked out for my not even really thought of yet children. I’m lacking on boy names though, more girls than anything. Anyway, I’m not sure what hubs and I will decide on, but we’ll keep it secret until baby is born. I want to say baby’s name to them before the whole world knows it. I will name my fetus something so cutsy tootsie it will give you a toothache. I have ideas, but those are secret too….dont need a fetus name snatcher out there! smile

    By Mrs. M on 2007 03 21

  13. We call the baby the Wee One on the baby blog and to our family/friends. We have a name for him (and have since around October) and call him by his name when it’s just the two of us at home. We read to him and talk to him all the time. We are so ready for this baby—just two more days to go until he greets us whether he is ready or not. I’m hoping it happens today or tomorrow on it’s own.

    By *pixie* on 2007 03 21

  14. Ooooh!  Will he be Mr. Flinger Junior?

    We had a heckuva time with names. We finally agreed on one in the nick of time, while watching the credits for This Old House on tv. (We used to try on every name everywhere with our last name.) We told a few people our chosen names before the birth…  SO many people asked! For the longest time we had no response!.

    I don’t think we called our babe anything in utero. My husband referred to him as “the alien” sometimes, but I think I probably just referred to him as my sweetie. A lot of people called him Stuart before he was born (& we didn’t know for sure that he was a boy!)... due to our last name.

    Are you going to tell us or is it going to be top-secret? Or is that what you’re not sure of yet? wink

    By Marie on 2007 03 21

  15. Neither one of our boys had names until after they were born.  We just couldn’t come up with names we liked!  We did have nick names in utero.

    With my sister’s second she told everyone what the name was… the people who threw her shower even “announced it” on the invite (which I thought was odd, as he wasn’t born yet!) and then she went and had a girl instead of and it felt like the boy had died… he had a name and everything, although technically HE actually never existed. 

    I like the idea of keeping the name under wraps, just in case something like that happens, or if people don’t like the name they won’t feel the need to comment… if it’s already born and named it’s too late, but when the baby isn’t born yet it’s like they think they have a chance of getting you to change it to something they’d like better!

    By Holly on 2007 03 21

  16. Ok, Holly, see, I THOUGHT that’s what happened. I was so confused when it was a girl. I thought maybe I missed something? Maybe I was making things up?

    So, lemme get this straight, Ultrasound tech says, “BOY!” and then WOOOPS, GIRL!

    Uhoh. I just gave away a BUNCH of girl clothes.


    By Mrs. Flinger on 2007 03 21

  17. I believe I referred to my kids as It. Isn’t that nice? When I was pregnant with my twins I referred to them as Baby A and Baby B. Nothing says love like calling you’re growing fetus “It” or “Baby A and B.” With my last one I thought I was having a girl right up until I met him face to face and I secretly called him “Chloe” before he was born. I’m sure that’s somthing he’ll need to discuss with his therapist when he gets older.

    By Christine on 2007 03 21

  18. Awww, that’s so sweet.  I can’t believe how fast your pregnancy is going by!  Of course it seems that way because it’s not mine. wink

    By Friglet on 2007 03 21

  19. I called my third son “Sebastian”, until I was finally convinced by my husband that he would be named that over his cold, dead body.


    Probably for the best, though. I don’t think I could have resisted singing him “Le Poisson” at bedtime…

    By Loralee on 2007 03 21

  20. We had two names we volleyed back and forth, once we found out he was a boy. And we kept those secret. Didn’t name him officially ‘til he was born, and had no nicknames for him in utero. Well, actually we probably called him “Baby Lastname.” (Makes me feel so boring after reading all these cutie pie things!)

    By el-e-e on 2007 03 22