• January 13, 2011

    How can she be a secret when she has readers all over the country?

    Just sayin’.

  • January 13, 2011

    I love this.
    Your choices are sooo good; so solid.
    If there’s one thing that really pisses me off about all of these awards (and there are sooooooo many of them) is that all the good people really get overlooked. All those people you have mentioned up there? ALL GOOD.

  • January 13, 2011

    Ali, I totally get it. I’m a fan of SO MANY great bloggers (like you, dude) and I’m also tired of the same people, although wonderful in and of themselves, getting all the attention. i want to spread that around, yaknow? So many great people, let’s get some more recognition going. Nothing against the usuals, they’re amazing, sure. But there are more amazing people, too.

  • January 13, 2011

    ahahaha! You’re too sweet. ::blush::

  • January 14, 2011

    Well I can honestly say this is the first time I’ve ever been compared to Designer Imposters knock-off perfume.  But it really IS jut as good as the real thing! 

    P.S. Our half human-half cyborg babies are going to be beautiful.

  • January 15, 2011

    SUCH a great list of blogs! I usually stay far away from these contests, 1.) because I’m never in them and 2.) because there are just too many great blogs to choose. I love your summaries though…you make voting a little easier. smile

  • January 15, 2011

    Don’t forget my new fave blog:  There is not an entry every day but I find myself laughing out loud til the tears flow on nearly every entry.  See especially this one: SO FUNNY!

  • January 15, 2011

    Um, doooood. Thank you for including me there. xoxo

    This list? Full of awesome. So honored to be on it. And amused at how many of the others on this list = people I totally love and admire. Yay.

  • January 16, 2011

    Thank you! Wow. I am totally flattered that you thought of me, not just to be nominated but the kind words you said about my blog/me. I truly am touched.

    (Mighty Hunter? GROW UP and don’t rain on the parade. Jeez.)

  • Lord Gravy
    January 16, 2011

    The thought of my grandma being gang raped in a subway is funnier than the Bloggess.

  • January 17, 2011

    One of the best things in the world is getting recognized by people that you admire, respect and love. I’m so honored to be included in your list of AWESOME. Truly. Wow.

  • January 18, 2011

    you lot are lovely, sweet people in a mean world, wink

  • January 19, 2011

    Great picks, my friend and I would really, really LOVE to see @busymom get some wink

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