Why I am not inviting you over for dinner this week

Sep 30, 2008

#Life#Rants and Raves

I’m a little obsessed. And by a little obsessed I mean tuned in to The News 24/7 palpitating with each dramatic climb or drop of the market, watching twitter for latest information, basically becoming a human news ticker. “Market down! Market up! Bill didn’t pass! Bill being updated!” and on and on. It’s annoying my own self.

I’m having a hard time focusing on anything other than the Economy. On anything aside from “THE MARKET”. From anything aside from “THE GREAT GLOBAL MELTDOWN OF TWO THOUSAND AND EIGHT IN WHICH THE FLINGERS LOOSE THEIR HOUSE AND FORTUNE.” Because, if I’m honest, we are those people. We believed the nice Countrywide lady. We took a mortgage out with interest only on a 297K condo because the housing market in Seattle was so out of control, we couldn’t get a house. We were smart, really, not wanting to pay more than 300K for anything knowing we couldn’t afford it and yet? Here we are: 45K upside down on our teeny tiny condo praying that in 12 months everything will turn around because we are so totally fucked if it doesn’t. The ARM comes up in 12 months and our kids may be playing with sticks and beating each other with rocks at that time.

Or maybe they already do that but it will henceforth be known as “home.”

So I’m watching for selfish reasons. For concern. As a libertarian I despise all things Big Government. As a stupid idiot, who bought in a high market and will refinance in a low market, I’m giving myself an ulcer.

So forgive me if you come to my house for dinner and I sit with you at the table for two hours telling you why DEARGODWEAREALLGOINGDOWN. Which is what I did last night after fish tacos and two glasses of wine.

I’m really sorry about that conversation. And probably the lack of cumin, too.

And, as is custom when I’m all sorts of “I don’t know how to end this,” Look! My kids are cute!





  1. Your kids really are cute.

    If we’re going down, I want there to be plenty of booze.

    By sizzle on 2008 09 30

  2. I’d invite you over for dinner at my place, but the price of gas to get here wouldn’t help your cause.  I’m sorry things look sucky.  But really, most kids would probably be thrilled with rocks and sticks to play with anyway.  Heck, give mine a trowel, dirt and space to run and they’re good.  Big boxes with leftover sewing stuff (lace, ribbon, felt, buttons, anything) go over well if I remember right.  You’re creative enough, you’ll be fine.

    By Lanna on 2008 10 01

  3. You’re kids are beautiful. 

    I work across the street from the NYSE.  The media vultures are circling.  Hang in there.

    By MariaV on 2008 10 01

  4. Your kids are adorable, and I hope this market turns around for all of us…we have a lot to lose and I totally get your obsession to the information.

    And I would totally enjoy eating fish tacos and wine regardless of the conversation wink

    By Steph on 2008 10 01

  5. Les - turn off the freaking news!!!  Somehow we’ll all survive this.

    The kids are adorable….

    By Marie on 2008 10 01

  6. LB looks so big and mature, all of a sudden.  They are both beautiful!

    By Jen on 2008 10 01

  7. Your kids are beautiful!

    I suppose there is an upside to being a military family, as long as their is a government there will be a paycheck.  I’m worried about this economic blip (thats my attempt at being positive…blip) but being solo parent and worrying about my dear crashing into a side of a mountain gives me other worry outlets. I suppose its helpful.

    I’m sure it will all work out for you, take deep breathes. And hit the wine. Hard. And turn on some E! tv. Really. No real news on that channel. : )

    By the mrs. on 2008 10 01

  8. Move here dammit.  Also, I blogged about this very thing last night.  It’s creepy how similar we are. 
    Makes me want to shout “I have a motherfucking twin in Seattle!!” 
    Course that would make me look stupid, eh?

    By Karen Sugarpants on 2008 10 01

  9. You got me laughing out loud again.
    The “cumin” and the “my kids are cute”
    You are hilarious!!!!!

    By Laura on 2008 10 01

  10. I will come to dinner at your house, and then we will turn on some trashy tv. Nothing of this ECONOMIC DOOM crap. I am tired of it and the election, and all. I am contemplating stabbing myself with a shrimp fork just to you know ease my misery. Here’s a plan, if things get bad, I have a spare room and a HUGE basement. We can finish the basement, and put the boys in the bunkbeds together, it will be a drive for Mr. Flinger to work, but hey! You’ll have a ROOF over your pretty little heads!

    By Mrs. Tantrum on 2008 10 01

  11. Dude I’m totally all news all the time right now too. It’s like a weird soap opera I can’t turn off. Hopefully we’re not screwed, I’m cautiously optimistic that things will get resolved (OMG pleaes?) but still, frickin frack it’s nerve wracking.

    And yeah, the kids are totally adorable.

    By skiplovey on 2008 10 01

  12. I feel for you. I am not personally going through this as my husband and I are so far in debt that we will never be able to own anything. In fact, I am not quite sure if I own my daughter right now because I think I have been promising businesses children for electricity and food over the last few years.

    At any rate, I feel for you and I hope that something changes this “no-so-much as recession. We are not in a recession” recession.

    By Kristina on 2008 10 01

  13. I’m just glad you’re back in my little blogosphere so we can all go down together!!

    btw, we had dinty moore for dinner last night…can’t afford SHIT anymore!!

    By Little Miss on 2008 10 01

  14. I am so freaking sorry. I have such anger about this situation. I think that Countrywide is EVIL and I am praying and hoping it turns around.

    I don’t have a mortgage and so I can only sympathize because we are renting BUT the plan to build my house has been moved indefinitely because there is NO WAY that we will be granted a new construction loan in this market.

    I love you.  I wish that I could have dinner with you. We’d have to eat something else though, because I don’t think my itty bitty fetus would have much fun with cumin. Hee!

    By Loralee on 2008 10 02