Why Three Year Olds Don’t Blog

Jan 20, 2011

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“Actually, I don’t wear boobies right now because I’m a little kid. You wear boobies because you’re a mommy. When I grow up and are a Mommy I will wear boobies, too, right? And OH LOOK my race cars just crashed that was funny. Whoever gets to the side of the closet first wines. Are you still getting dressed? Oh, you’re wearing a red shirt like I am! Look I’m wearing red, too! Did you see? Now can you see? I’m wearing red, too! SEE? IT IS RED? DID YOU SEE IT? RED. RED. Oh, can we do pizza tonight. Now can you play race cars with me? Why are you still getting dressed. It takes FOR EVER TO GET DRESSED, hu. Why are you brushing your hair? I brush my hair, too. See? Now can we do race cars?”



  1. I miss that 3 year old talk.  Love it and you captured it perfectly!

    By Laura on 2011 01 20

  2. Are you in my house?

    By Nancy on 2011 01 20

  3. HA! OMG that’s so familiar!!

    By syd on 2011 01 20

  4. This could have been taken directly from dialog in my house yesterday. Except you left out the newest obsession with Barbie girls. Specifically, taking their clothes off in the bathtub.

    We’re not concerned AT ALL.

    By Bejewell on 2011 01 20

  5. Wow.  That is…exactly my house.  Less the boobie talk (so far).

    By Keely on 2011 01 20

  6. That is so NOT my house.  Here’s what my 3 yr old says in an hour….......................
    Nothing, that’s right.  (She’s in speech therapy.)  I LONG for that chatty chatty.

    By Heather on 2011 01 21