Why you can’t take our politics too seriously

Jun 26, 2008


Last night Mr. Flinger and I had an hour and a half long discussion about the Supreme Court’s Ruling in the Child Rape Case. It started out something like this, “I couldn’t listen anymore because I swear to God if anyone EVER touched LB or Little Man O (of the former Baby O) I’d take law in to my own hands and end up in jail myself.”

It ended something like this:

“And then! Then we could stick ALL the murderers and rapists on one island.”

“Yea! Yea! And we could watch them like that Jim Carrey movie... what’s the name?”

“Right! Yea, and then we watch them for fifty years and we’re all old and decrepit.”

“Exactly. And we watch because they got nothing but sticks to defend themselves and maybe some coconut trees for food.”

“Maybe it’s a pay channel, like HBO or something. Like the ‘Hoping Butt-effers Off-themselves’ yaknow?”


“Right, nice. And then maybe in fifty years there’s this huge Tsunami and the whole island is wiped out so we won’t feel bad about not executing them.”

“YaYa. And we’ll turn it on and watch because we’re old and disgusting like that and maybe we’re eating soup at 3pm before bed.”

“Awesome. Let’s tell McCain and Obama that what they need for their campaign is a reality TV show called Convict Island.”


  1. Can I come over and play? This is so the stuff that goes on in my head. Also sometimes with Hubby, when he isn’t stark raving mad that I am about to be outed as a mommyblogger to the world and his mom might find out I may have called her crazy!

    By MommasTantrum on 2008 06 26

  2. And yanno? It’s rate through the roof!

    By Suze on 2008 06 26

  3. i’m almost positive you just invented the best reality show ever.

    submit it immediately so you can claim ownership of the idea and make a million dollars.

    only, damn.  i don’t think a million dollars is worth very much anymore. 


    By deb on 2008 06 26

  4. Isn’t that how Australia started??

    By Nette @ Smiling Mom on 2008 06 26

  5. That’s awesome!!!!! LOL

    By Amanda on 2008 06 27

  6. I would watch it.  You two are brilliant. grin

    By MariaV on 2008 06 27

  7. Why on earth on aren’t you in the cabinet? Brilliant. I think you can be VP for either side.

    By chilihead on 2008 06 27

  8. I LOVE IT!! You should totally write a letter to the patent office. That is the best idea ever. And then you should buy your own tv company so you can have exclusive rights to air it and anything related to it. Have t-shirts made and everything. You would totally put Bill Gates to shame with the profits from this one…hehe. I would watch it. I would pay to watch it just to see them get what they deserve…

    By Vicki on 2008 06 27

  9. Damn great idea, Flinger! I love your politics!

    By themommykelly on 2008 06 27

  10. Now that’s MY kind of politic speak!!! SO ‘dorable!! smile

    By Haley-O on 2008 06 27

  11. The British tried this centuries ago, they called it Australia. However that was before the reality TV craze. Personally I think you have a great idea.

    By carol on 2008 06 30