• December 16, 2010

    I don’t need the license, but I do need to tell you my superpower would have to be accelerated healing. So I could do crazy shit like the girl from Heroes and heal myself after jumping off a building attempting to fly (not kill myself) or attempt some insane sport for the hell of it without getting hurt. Ya, that would be cool. Kinda gross, but cool. smile

  • December 16, 2010

    I lactate. I function on less than 6 hours of fragmented sleep per night….need I say more?

    (I just wanted to show off; I clearly have no shortage of EE licenses at my disposal. Oh! Is that yet another super power? Ahahahahaha.)

  • Matt
    December 16, 2010

    If I was a superhero, my power would be to remove intolerance from the World where I find it.

    Merry Christmas.

  • December 17, 2010

    If I were a superhero, I’d vaporize anything set in papyrus with my little laser beam eyes.

    Development/design experience? Uhh…I’m trained as an ecologist & GIS nerd, but I also build sites in EE for conservation organizations & sciencey stuff. Like for The Nature Conservancy’s Center for Science and Public Policy in Arizona, and another site for designing wildlife corridors. I’d like to build my personal site in EE 2 instead of the old copy of 1.6.7 core I have!

  • December 17, 2010

    I’ve been itching to play with an EE site… No matter how hard I try, my clients all demand WP… and yet I know EE would let us do so much more…

    If I were a super hero… oh, geez, the possibilities. Invisibility, flying, super strength… and the acrobatics ninja-style. Instead, I’m just a CSS ninja. wink

  • December 17, 2010

    This entry is for my husband, who is the tech wizard behind all we do.  If he had a super power, and I’m pretty sure he does, it would be to be able to provide me with chocolate on demand.  He does all the background set up for the blogs and for the charitable website we run.  And he puts buttons on my blog, because I’m a wimp.

  • December 17, 2010

    I practically already have the super power of knowing every tiny detail of every project that happens around me, so taking that one step further my super power might be to see everything (maybe have x-ray vision) or to hear everything (read minds maybe… specifically read tecchie minds so I’d never have to consult Google for answers to CSS3 questions).

    I have a lot of developer experience (long-time programmer of all things Unixy) and am just starting to figure out design. Would love to play around with EE, given that I am conversant in PHP and do everything from scratch. I’m playing around with Wordpress this weekend, so after figuring it out I could compare with EE if I win your contest! (I maintain 5 web sites for nonprofits right now and have a free hand in doing whatever I want with them - playground city!!)

  • December 18, 2010

    If I were a superhero, my power would be teleportation. I hate driving.

  • Anwar
    December 21, 2010

    Hi Flinger,

    If I was a super hero my super power would be to eradicate all dictatorship in this world and spread Peace between nations and so I offer a brighter future to humankind.

    I’m freelancer and I work at VWorker since few years here is my profile page : I have a good ranking and rating and for 2011 I target to be part of the 100 best coder, I hope EE will be part of my future projects and I will promote it to my customers so some of them will probably buy the Commerical License.

    Happy Holidays,

  • Rae
    December 21, 2010

    If I was a super hero my super power would be transformation! I could turn into a cheetah if I need to run fast or turn into a bird if I’d like to fly or a kitten if I want to be held and cuddled by a supermodel ahem, It would be very super.

    My experience? Well not very much actually! I’m just about to graduate uni with a degree in IT, I completed my final year project with codeigniter and I’ve been hooked ever since. I’m learning CI2 by developing my own web applications and I have a few projects coming up that I’d like to base on mojomotor, so perhaps in the future being able to export it into EE would be something I might like to do.

    Merry Christmas & Happy New year!

  • December 21, 2010

    Hi Mrs. Flinger,

    First of, just want to say that I’ve read some of your posts and I’m genuinely amazed. Seriously facinated with your words. Fortunately, you speak freely of your mind and I just love it.

    And for the big Q of yours…

    I’m willing to get the licence, therefore If I was a superhero, I really want to have the power of creating and controling a snow. I never see snow with my own eyes nor feel it with my own hands. I feel frustrated, so If I had that power I will give snow to people who never had the oportunity feeling it by themselves, such as those people who live in the equatorial part of the earth (like me). And it would also be an excelent present for my lovely nephew and niece as what I believe that even though snow is extremely cold (that’s what I heard, although I should be having the power to adjust the temperature as well), but it brings a warmth to people who are being together, especially during this last weeks of the year.

    I have been working in web development for like 5 wonderful years now. It was an accidental moment when It started. That time, I have had the envision to build web based applications/tools for astronomers to help their works. The project is still an ongoing ‘gig’, while in the meantime I was lucky enough to be able to achieve my IT master degree with specialization in web technologies. Yes, started as an autodidact web programmer and now, I am a master as is. Proudly moment! So, HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, and MySQL are my book and pen of life now. Wish could ‘write’ even more with EE while enjoying my snow.

    ... wondering what it’d be like having a snow at new year’s eve ....

  • Tobias
    December 22, 2010

    If I was a super hero my power would be to “de-complicate” the love, so loving would be easier at all. wink
    Now a few words to my person: I’m studying Health informatics at the University of Applied Science in Mannheim, Germany.
    Beside my education I’m trying to establish myself as an self-employed web-designer and will soon have finished my fist project -> =)
    So in the last years since I was a little boy I teach myself HTML, CSS, PHP and MySQL. Also I’ve done several projects in C++ and QT published as open source.
    But now because of my study I have deepened my knowledge especially in JAVA and SQL.
    However coding is not anything at all, so I’m learning additionally much about project management, software engineering and the health system including topics like medical documentations or anatomy.

    Finally I would really like to win an ExpressionEngine license because as an student I cannot pay for it but my scope is limited on wordpress and joolma and I’m interessted in such professional content management systems like EE.

    Merry Christmas and a happy new year grin

  • kinder
    December 24, 2010

    If I was a superhero, my power would be to step out of time (to visit the past and the future, and not age)... only it would be a tragic superpower, because I could only *do* anything while I was *in* time, so every time I helped anyone I would hasten my own demise…

    Oh, and I would *LOVE* a copy of EE. More and more of my website work has been for nonprofits, and it would be great if I could show them (by learning EE inside & out with my own site) a better way than wordpress, drupal and joomla. Please?

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