Yesterday, we bought a house

Mar 13, 2010

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Funny thing: Buying a house. It’s not like buying a new shirt or a new car. It’s more like going to the dentist, having a tooth pulled, and being told all you need is “the gas” and you’ll remember nothing.


(Incidentally, I did that last week, too.)

Or maybe it’s more like courting a lady; A lady who plays hard to get and toys with your emotion. She gets you all hot and bothered and then backs away and it requires three cold showers to get back to thinking of anything except her, only to have her email you with some great news and get the process started all over again.

Or maybe it’s like buying a house.

I don’t know.

At any rate, our house is officially ours. We’ve stepped inside only three times total since October 11, the day we made the offer, but stepping inside last night felt wildly familiar. The smell is familiar. The house has memories of ours in it already, memories we have not even made.

Last night we started making our fresh new memories with some of our favorite people.








The house is already home to our first pizza picnic. It’s home to our first hosted dinner. It’s home to the first playdate with our children and their best friends.It’s home to hide and seek and laughter. It’s home to friends helping with house-repairs and it’s home to that time we had no heat and tried to build a fire only to find out we suck at building fires.

It’s home. Already? It is home.


  1. Oh Leslie!!! I am so happy for you guys!! Everything worked out and you have YOUR house. So. Happy. xoxoxo

    By Sam {temptingmama} on 2010 03 13

  2. This made me cry. I am SO HAPPY FOR YOU.


    (Please to be preparing my room immediately. I like green and blue.)

    By Lotus / Sarcastic Mom on 2010 03 13

  3. Congratulations!! We’re moving in a few weeks—it’s all so different when you picture the house through your kids eyes, isn’t it? Yay for you!

    By Scary Mommy on 2010 03 13

  4. CONGRATULATIONS! I hope you have many, many more years of love and light and laughter in your new home!

    By daysgoby on 2010 03 13



    By moosh in indy. on 2010 03 13

  6. I am looking forward to sharing so many more memories in your beautiful new home!  Thanks for letting us be part of the first pizza picnic!

    By Laura Young on 2010 03 13

  7. Congrats!!! Your new house reminds me of the house I grew up in.

    By Mahala on 2010 03 13

  8. I’m so excited for you! I even love the stairs. smile

    By Sheila on 2010 03 13

  9. :-D Thank you everyone. I feel the EXACT same way.



    By Mrs. Flinger on 2010 03 13

  10. *Whew* Cheers to a list of home first. ::clinking glasses together::

    By Omaflinger on 2010 03 13

  11. so happy for you guys!

    By april on 2010 03 13

  12. Leslie, that is just awesome!  And the shot of the little man enjoying stairs in his house is pretty cool…

    I am loving your kitchen, too, but is it wrong that my first thought about it was “Built-in wine rack - Score!” ??  grin

    Enjoy every beautiful moment and tell every stray unpleasant moment that wanders through the door to “Get out of my house!”  Then chase them with a broom and slam the door with the confidence that comes with knowing that you won’t be getting a snarky letter from the condo association about the noise!

    By CitricSugar on 2010 03 13

  13. I’m SO thrilled for you!!!

    By laura Camacho on 2010 03 13

  14. congratulations! much love and happiness in your new home.

    By magpie on 2010 03 13

  15. Woo Woo Woo! Yay! I’m so excited for you guys!:)

    By shari on 2010 03 13

  16. Oh hallelujah it all worked out!! Sqqueeeee

    By Darla on 2010 03 13

  17. So excited and happy for you!!

    By Lora Lynn@vitafamiliae on 2010 03 13

  18. YAAAYYY!!! I’m so excited for you guys! And it looks lurvely.

    By cindy w on 2010 03 13

  19. CONGRATS!!!!!! YaHoo for you! Whoot!

    By Headless Mom on 2010 03 13

  20. YAYYAYAYAYAYAYAY! I see a fun summer in our future *grin*

    By Ashley Sarmany on 2010 03 13