You know you’re sick when

Mar 06, 2006

You didn’t drink ANY coffee today because just the thought makes you dry heave.

You didn’t dress or do your hair and people came over. And you didn’t care.

You made your husband get you a big silver bowl to sleep with.

You’re drinking gingerale.

You puked changing your child’s diaper.

You are going to bed at 7pm.


  1. No fun!  I hope you feel better soon.  Let’s just hope it is a bug that is short lived.  Who knows, it may be a BABY!  Hurm Hurm…

    By traci on 2006 03 06

  2. Oh you poor thing! :(

    You have my deepest sympathies! Feel better soon! smile

    By tjsmommy on 2006 03 06

  3. You abruptly slam the door on your BFFOL?

    By RB on 2006 03 06

  4. I feel.  Your pain.

    Here’s to getting well soon…

    By Seuss on 2006 03 06

  5. Get well soon!

    By Sitting Still on 2006 03 06

  6. Damn you woman! Feel better soon cuz we need to chat this week before I am off to inlaw hell in Mx for a week (I know it’s rough, but I still love ya!)

    Sleep, rest, and drink that gingerale. Get well soon!

    By Nicole on 2006 03 06

  7. Bummer dude!  (Yes I just said dude, and I hope it made you laugh, because that is the best medicine you know..)

    By sarahgrace on 2006 03 06

  8. Awww Feel better soon

    By Jan on 2006 03 07

  9. Ohh lordy!  I hope you feel better soon!

    By brandi on 2006 03 07

  10. I recommend no-doz to prevent caffeine withdrawls.

    By Uisce on 2006 03 07

  11. Uisce, how did you know? I’m currently at work with the most jumbo headache ever.

    Every student turns into a latte. Ack.

    By Mrs. Flinger on 2006 03 07