You mean you don’t have family here?

Jan 27, 2007

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This is usually the sentence we get immediately after answering the question, “So what brought you to Seattle?” People gasp and make frowny faces as they eye us up and down at how-in-the-world-stupid-do-you-have-to -be-to-live-three-and-a-half-hours-from-your-closest-relative.  We smile, sometimes explaining further and sometimes not, and wait for the conversation to turn toward the incredibly high housing market and cost of living followed by the extreme liberal politics with people assuming things wrongly. We’re used to it now. It’s happened a lot.

It’s hard to explain to people that we moved to Seattle for a daydream. We moved to Seattle because we idealized the location and realized we will forever hate ourselves if we don’t at least try to see if it lives up to our high expectations. We moved two hundred plus miles from some amazing and dear friends and from LB’s first home and support system.

But we did not move to Seattle alone.

It’s hard to explain to people that while we do not have blood family near, we do have friends that are as good as family or better. We have people from our lives that we’ve known for 10 or more years that live near by and offer to help with the new baby and LB. We have the convenience of having their moms and dads close, adults you can turn to when you are so drug down by being The Adult yourself, who lovingly allowed us in to their lives years ago and feel so much like a Cousin or Aunt that you’d be happy going to their house for Thanksgiving or the Fourth of July (and we often do.)

I’d possibly be much more at home in San Antonio or Austin, near relatives and the kind of southern folk that made my formative years a classic childhood. I sometimes wonder if we wouldn’t be happy living near my Mom and Dad where the houses are 70% off (with “Buy now and get 50% more!” tags on them) and the people that I’ve known my entire life. I think these thoughts during the long, long winter and the often cloudy and cold, rainy days.

Then a miracle happens and the sun breaks, the clouds part, the day warms and we take LB to the water to toss rocks into the Sound. We spend time as a family climbing over driftwood and marveling at the Ferry boats. We sit by the water and feel the strength of a million people who have sat by these same waves watching the same scene, breathing the same mountain-fresh air.

It’s hard to put in to words why we moved here. I’ve almost given up trying to explain it to people now. Instead, I will just say:






  1. The pictures say it all and Magnolia mom took the words right out of my mouth!

    By kelli on 2007 01 27

  2. Wait?! You get yto pick where you move?

    Does. NOT. Compute.

    (And yes, I realize that only you will understand that comment, but I don’t care anymore.)

    By Nicole on 2007 01 27

  3. What a fantastic blue sky!  LB’s pic is my fave…

    And?  it thrills me to see that your baby bump looks like mine.  I was afraid I had too big of a bump too early, but we seem to be right on track with each other.  Yay for bumps!

    By Charla on 2007 01 27

  4. Charla, I was in a room of pregnant women all due before me and MY bump was the BIGGEST. (I hear “I got the biggest bump of them all playing in my head now)

    I carried large with LB, too, and this time I’m even bigger, I think.

    I’m in for a long last trimester. wink

    By Mrs. Flinger on 2007 01 27

  5. Beautiful pictures Les! THAT is why people live in the NW.  Well, and to be close to the people they love… which is why I’ll be moving less than 5 miles away from you in March.  smile  Hee!

    By Paige on 2007 01 28

  6. This part of the country is pretty cool, isn’t it? Cute baby bump.

    By Wacky Mommy on 2007 01 28

  7. I have similar problems trying to explain to people why I now live in a wooden house in the middle of a forest in the middle of nowhere somewhere near Lapland.  Like you the only way I can explain is by photos.

    By surviving motherhood on 2007 01 28

  8. I actually admire people that are able to pick up and move somewhere like you did.  There are many places (including Seattle, actually) that I would love to live, but I can’t bear the thought of losing the many ties I have here in my NC town.  Maybe one day I’ll be able to suck it up and move somewhere that I can take beautiful pictures like those!

    By Jenny on 2007 01 28

  9. It’s so gorgeous there. But here we have summers that burn your eyeballs clean off. Sure you don’t want to return???

    By Colleen on 2007 01 28

  10. I don’t have any family and I get that look all the time.. it’s pretty annoying

    By Meg on 2007 01 28

  11. Beautiful!!!  You look great Leslie.

    We’re 3 hours from closest family…  you do what you have to do!

    By Marie on 2007 01 28

  12. Gorgeous!

    By Ali on 2007 01 28

  13. Beautiful photos!  We went to Larrabee today and I thought of you…you’re right - watching the water and breathing in the fresh air is invigorating!

    By AmyM on 2007 01 28

  14. beautiful.  i’m jealous:  everything here is grey and dreary with dirty snow :(

    By christine on 2007 01 28

  15. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.

    By Jenny on 2007 01 28

  16. If you need an advocate on why you moved to Seattle… you know I am here!!

    It has been my dream that one day I would live in Seattle. My husband was born there… I have been there twice.

    You only need to go once. I was in love the moment the plane came into range of the city….

    It IS that beautiful. And worth it.

    I applaud you Mrs. Flinger for taking a leap of faith and moving there. I hope every dream and thought you had about Seattle comes true.

    And much more!!

    By andrudeness on 2007 01 28

  17. Ah, thanks, andrudeness. I don’t know if “brave” or “what-were-we-thinking” comes to mind but days like this make it easy to love the decision. grin

    By Mrs. Flinger on 2007 01 28

  18. those photos are beautiful.  i almost felt like i was on vacation, without all the hassle of going on vacation with an entire family smile

    By piglet on 2007 01 28

  19. We’d move back if we could afford to buy a house.  We miss it, a lot.  It’s one of those towns that grows on you.  Much like a tumor.  The hubs and I have sworn to each other that we’ll retire there.

    By Claire on 2007 01 28

  20. I live 15 hours from my nearest relative or friend for that matter.  Whenever I go to doctors visit for my pregnancy I have to tell the whole 9 as to why there aren’t any emergency contacts other than my husband that is usually with me anyways.  And why we would take a job away from family.

    By Domestic Diva on 2007 01 29