Codiene anyone? 09/Oct/2005

We “got” to run to the ER today. It’s not what it sounds like. My small-ish town HMO facility can’t handle a stiff neck accompanied by headaches, dizzy spells, and tunnel vision with a sore throat and body aches. That, my friends, warrents a visit to the E freaking R. The system is horrid. There’s a lot of waiting. There’s a lot of paperwork. There’s a lot of nakedness in those stupid gowns.  And, overall, there’s a lot more time spent to hear the same thing, “Take two of these and call if your symptoms don’t get... Read more

Sleep deprivation won’t kill you, but hypocrondia will 04/Oct/2005

This morning, very early in the single digits of the day, I woke up to pee. No biggie. Except that when I got up, I was so dizzy I couldn’t walk. I thought it would go away shortly. I thought I’d be ok after a few minutes. Only I wasn’t. It lasted an hour. Yes, I was up for an hour at 2am.  When I did finally go back to sleep, I had horrible dreams. I woke up convinced I had some terrible disease. I said to myself, “LB will never remember her mom.” I actually thought this, people. Don’t run away screaming freak just yet. There’s... Read more